Give Yourself the Gift of Pre-Made Brunch for the Holidays

Holiday Brunch

Regardless of how you're celebrating the holidays in Placentia, giving your whole house a treat with a pre-made brunch can take off a lot of the pressure that comes with hosting family and friends. This year think about making one or more of the following menu items in advance so that you have more time to enjoy with your loved ones. Blood orange … [Read more...]

Fun Ways to Use Pine Cones in Your Winter Decorating

Pine Cone Holiday Decorating

Pine cones are a readily available, inexpensive medium for decorating your Placentia apartment this winter. The following ideas will get you started with this versatile decor material. Glass vase. Pine cones make a beautiful decoration all on their own. Select a large glass vase or bowl and fill it with pine cones. If you want to add color to the … [Read more...]

A Helpful Guide for Figuring Out How to Celebrate Holidays With Extended Family

Family Holidays

For many people celebrating the holidays in Placentia includes spending some time with extended family. This process is easier said than done. If you have multiple families to visit over the holidays, keep the following tips in mind to help things go as smoothly as possible. Talk to both sides of the family. Before you commit to anything, talk to … [Read more...]

Don’t Keep These Popular Holiday Plants Around Your Pets


With the holiday season upon us, petMD recommends that you take some precautions for your pets if you are considering decorating with holiday plants. Many of the plants you or your guests may bring into your home, even your Christmas tree can be toxic to your dog or cat. If your pet is a known plant chewer, play it safe and limit their access to these plants … [Read more...]

Sick of Your Thanksgiving Leftovers? Make a Pizza Out of Them!

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Thanksgiving food is delicious, but after a few days of it, you may never want to see turkey or cranberry sauce again. If your family groans at the idea of one more night of leftovers, take a unique Thanksgiving idea and make a pizza. Place a rack on the lowest shelf in the oven. Pre-heat the oven to 550 degrees or as high as it will go. Allow enough … [Read more...]

Should You Buy a Fresh or Frozen Turkey for Thanksgiving?

celebrating the holidays in Placentia

For many people, buying a turkey is an integral part of celebrating the holidays in Placentia. One of the biggest decisions that you have to make is whether to buy fresh or frozen. The following information will help you with this process. A fresh turkey has never been chilled below 26 degrees F. In comparison, if a turkey is labeled as frozen, it has … [Read more...]

Use Cyber Monday to Save Big on Holiday Shopping

shopping in Placentia

Cyber Monday is a great opportunity to save money while purchasing holiday gifts. Whether you like to shop both Black Friday and Cyber Monday or you'd rather do the majority of your holiday shopping online, take the following tips to save money. Stay organized. Make a list of the gifts that you plan to buy and check them off as you go. Sticking … [Read more...]

Affordable Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Pets

pet-friendly apartments in Placentia

As you do your holiday shopping this year, don't forget to pick up a little something for your cat or dog. Consider one or more of the following inexpensive yet fun ideas. Clothing. There is a wealth of adorable pet sweaters in all sizes, patterns, and colors. PetSmart even carries a line of Martha Stewart sweaters that are perfect for kitschy or … [Read more...]

Go On a Thanksgiving Cruise This Year

thanksgiving events

Add a new twist to celebrating the holidays in Placentia this year with a Thanksgiving cruise. You get the big meal that you want to have for the holiday without any of the hassle or mess. The Hornblower will do all of the work while you sit back and enjoy your time with family and friends. The three hour Thanksgiving Day cruise features a traditional … [Read more...]

These Local Photographers Will Take Beautiful Family Photos to Send to Loved Ones This Year

photographers in Placentia

Taking a new family photo is an integral part of celebrating the holidays in Placentia. This year get in touch with one of the following local photographers to take some beautiful pictures of you and your loved ones. Richelle Dante is a Southern California based wedding and portrait photographer. From newborns to engaged couples, she is comfortable … [Read more...]