Serve a Restaurant-Worthy Meal in Your Apartment on Valentine’s Day

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February 14 is fast approaching and if you're still trying to come up with ways to impress your sweetheart, why not just entice with food? There's no better way to say you care than by spending time cooking up something savory in the kitchen for your other half. Here are a few dishes for the special day. Cheese Fondue. This dish is perfect for playing … [Read more...]

Unique Ways to Keep Kids’ Childhood Memories in Your Apartment

apartment decorating tips

One of the most creative ways of decorating your Placentia apartment is to display your kids crafts and other items. It is a creative way of making your kids' favorite things part of your decor. If your kids can't bear to part with their old T-shirts, they don't have to. Make a quilt out of the old shirts. It's not only colorful but is completely … [Read more...]

5 Additions to Your Apartment to Make Life With a Pet Easier

pet-friendly apartments Placentia

When living in pet-friendly apartments in Placentia, California it's easier to make simple changes for your pets to improve apartment living. Here are five additions you can add to the way you live with your pet. Use a pet shower curtain to prevent water from getting all over you and the floor when bathing your pet. Place your hands through the two … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss Orange County’s Jazz Festival

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Orange County's Jazz Festival is on January 18th from 2-11 p.m. and all ages are welcome to come. Admission is $25 as all proceeds go to the Musician Relief Fund which belongs to the non-profit organization for musicians of Orange County who are struggling. Make it a point to not only go out and enjoy great music, but support OC musicians. There are … [Read more...]

Have You Been to the Incredible New Transit Center in Anaheim?

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California is full of big dreams and big spaces but when you're talking about something as grand as a 67,000 square foot commuter hub, you are going to get some attention. Anaheim CA news has been anxiously anticipating the incredible new transit center right here in town. On December 13, the grand opening of this amazing center took place. The … [Read more...]

Orange County Musicians: Don’t Miss the SoCal World Guitar Show

Anaheim festivals

Do you love going to Anaheim festivals where there will be fun and flavor? If you love guitars and other stringed instruments, the SoCal World Guitar Show is for you. Being hosted at the Hangar in the Orange County Fairgrounds, this event on the weekend of the 24th and 25th of January is all about buying, selling, trading and being amazed at the collection … [Read more...]

Keep Your Holiday Decor From Taking Up Too Much Space in Your Apartment

apartment decorating tips

When living in an apartment, make sure to use the space strategically especially during the holidays when you have many guests over. Decorations can get in the way by taking up too much space. Some apartment decorating ideas include making your home look festive without much clutter. Start with the front door. Place a wreath, ribbon, or an evergreen … [Read more...]

Give Yourself the Gift of Pre-Made Brunch for the Holidays

Holiday Brunch

Regardless of how you're celebrating the holidays in Placentia, giving your whole house a treat with a pre-made brunch can take off a lot of the pressure that comes with hosting family and friends. This year think about making one or more of the following menu items in advance so that you have more time to enjoy with your loved ones. Blood orange … [Read more...]

Fun Ways to Use Pine Cones in Your Winter Decorating

Pine Cone Holiday Decorating

Pine cones are a readily available, inexpensive medium for decorating your Placentia apartment this winter. The following ideas will get you started with this versatile decor material. Glass vase. Pine cones make a beautiful decoration all on their own. Select a large glass vase or bowl and fill it with pine cones. If you want to add color to the … [Read more...]

A Helpful Guide for Figuring Out How to Celebrate Holidays With Extended Family

Family Holidays

For many people celebrating the holidays in Placentia includes spending some time with extended family. This process is easier said than done. If you have multiple families to visit over the holidays, keep the following tips in mind to help things go as smoothly as possible. Talk to both sides of the family. Before you commit to anything, talk to … [Read more...]