Make Your Apartment Safe for Babies

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Baby proofing your apartment is critical for keeping your little one safe, particularly once he or she is four months or older. As your little one starts crawling, take the following steps. Install baby locks. Kitchens are one of the most dangerous places for babies as they offer easy access to harmful cleaning products and sharp objects. Even if … [Read more...]

Bedroom Design Tips for Singles

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Summer is the perfect time to research apartment decorating ideas and bring new life into your home. Whether you live alone or with a significant other, it is important to personalize your bedroom space to truly make it your own. Start by thinking about the best hotel rooms that you've frequented over the years. What stood out to you about these … [Read more...]

Important Things to do as a Responsible Pet Owner

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Our pets give us unconditional love, and responsible pet owners will give the same affection back to them. We want to ensure that all of the pet residents living in our pet-friendly apartments in Placentia are loved and cherished. Here are four important things you can do to be a responsible pet owner: Make sure you spay or neuter your pet so no … [Read more...]

The Circus is Coming to Anaheim!

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We are so thrilled to share with our Union Place apartment community the exciting news about the circus coming to Anaheim! This will be one of the most anticipated Anaheim attractions that will offer your family unimaginable fun. Here are the must-know details about this exciting circus. Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Baily will be putting on an … [Read more...]

The Bruery to Expand

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Are you looking for a unique brewery in Anaheim? The Bruery boasts both beers fermented with wild yeast as well as beers that don't use spontaneous fermentation. They always separate wild from domesticated to steer clear of any contamination issues. The Bruery's sour concoctions are well known throughout the greater beer community. As such, The Bruery … [Read more...]

Turning Indoor Plants Into Beautiful Apartment Decor

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Are you looking for apartment living tips that will add a pop of color to your existing space? The right indoor plants can provide a beautiful aesthetic for your home. Make sure to select plants that will grow to an appropriate size for your apartment. Choose interesting pots Look for pots that draw the eye in without distracting or overwhelming. … [Read more...]

Anaheim Packing House Opens Doors

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After being in the works for four years, the Anaheim Packing House finally opened its doors to the public in late May 2014. Inspired by Old World food markets, this culinary paradise is located in the heart of historic downtown Anaheim. Formerly a Spanish revival citrus plant, the establishment will house over 20 vendors including a butcher, chocolate bar, a … [Read more...]

Get Your Apartment Ready for Summer

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Enjoy summer to its full extent this year with the following simple apartment living tips: Add a pop of color. Nothing says summer like a fresh pop of bright color. Look for ways to incorporate color without overwhelming a smaller space. For example, switch out pillows and curtains, or purchase a tablecloth and set of napkins. Maximize the … [Read more...]

How to Live Successfully with Your Pet

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Living in an apartment with a cat or dog requires a few simple, straightforward steps to keep both of you happy and comfortable. Keep the litter box clean. If you have a cat, it is critical to scoop solids every day and change out the whole box once or twice a month. You'll minimize the smell and reduce the risk of the cat going to the bathroom … [Read more...]

Adding Color to Your Anaheim Apartment Without the Hassle of Painting

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Are you looking for apartment decorating ideas? The following options let you add a welcome burst of color when painting or making other permanent changes aren't allowed in rental properties. Mix patterns, textures, and styles. Take care to select pieces with a unique range of colors and patterns with varying textures and styles. You want to … [Read more...]