Make Your Style Stand Out in Your Bedroom

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Your bedroom is personal space where you probably spend a good deal of your time. So why does it feel like your bedroom doesn’t have any real personality? You can blame the fact that you live in an apartment, but that really isn’t it. Don’t worry though – giving your apartment’s bedroom some personal style isn’t impossible. Use these tips to help … [Read more...]

Tips to Keep Your Apartment’s Houseplants Alive

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Some people believe that you either have a green thumb or you don’t. The truth is that growing plants and keeping them alive, even if they’re hearty ones, requires knowledge, not just good luck. Even if you’ve never managed to keep a house plant alive before, it is within your reach. Use these tips to help you keep those plants around your apartment … [Read more...]

Go Big With Furnishings for the Illusion of More Space

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Smaller, more compact furnishings may be great for some bijou residence, but sometimes going choosing bigger furniture creates a more impressive impact. Check out these apartment decorating ideas: Choosing larger scale furnishings with a simple shape and appearance can give a sophisticated look to any room of the home, without giving the feeling … [Read more...]

What to Do if You Forgot to Plan for Mother’s Day

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It's almost Mother's Day and it's time to consider what you're going to do for your mom. If you happen to forget however, there are some fun things to do in Placentia from joining cooking or yoga classes to shopping. Sometimes the smallest things will make a world of difference. If you don't think about getting your mom flowers and a card with a nice saying … [Read more...]

A Simple Reupholstery Can Change Your Apartment’s Look This Spring

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You don't have to spend a lot of money on new furniture and accessories to freshen up your Union Place apartment for spring. All that you need to do is a simple reupholstery to change the look of your apartment. To help get you started, here are apartment decorating ideas for reupholstering items that will change your home's look this spring: You can … [Read more...]

3 Great Dogs for Cat Lovers

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The sheer number of dog breeds in the world means that chances are good that there is a dog out there capable of accommodating both your circumstances and your personal preferences. This is true even if you like cats with their strong sense of independence. Here are some examples of dogs perfect for cat lovers: Basenjis are small and elegant dogs … [Read more...]

Decorate Your Apartment for Spring With a Tea Party of Flowers

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Welcome spring by decorating your apartment with flowers. An easy and expensive way to do this is to grab those mismatched teacups and saucers that are too good to throw away and repurpose them into planter pots. If you do not have any spare cups or saucers lying about your cabinets, you can usually find inexpensive vintage ones at a local thrift … [Read more...]

Get Out Into the Fresh Spring Air and Fly a Kite in Placentia

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With the warmer weather, you may be looking for things to do around Placentia that are family-friendly and inexpensive. How about spending the afternoon outdoors with your kids flying a kite? Kites are available in all types of stores, including your local grocery store and are not very expensive. You could also choose to get creative and make your own kite … [Read more...]

Getting Noise Complaints? How to Help Your Dog Stay Quiet After You Leave

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Everyone wants life in their apartment to be easy for your dog, but you might also want to make life easier on your surrounding neighbors. Limit noise complaints by limiting barking with these dog training tips. Bark on Command - Training your dog to bark on command will give you control. You will be able to turn the bark on or off by your own … [Read more...]

Spring Clean Your Union Place Kitchen With These Tips

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Having a spotless and organized home helps to eliminate stress, especially when it comes to your pantry and kitchen. Follow these quick an easy kitchen cleaning tips to get your kitchen cleaned in no time. Circle Your Way Around- Always start off cleaning the right side of the stove, as it is usually the dirtiest spot in the kitchen, then move … [Read more...]