Little Chores to Make Your Apartment More Fun This Summer

Dedicating time for a few chores every now and then will make living in your apartment much more enjoyable. ©

Summer is the perfect time to refresh your apartment. Get ready for the season with these summer chores. For a quick way to declutter your home, start in the closet. Go through your clothes and determine which ones you would like to donate. Then, arrange your shoes and accessories so that everything looks a bit more organized. A few simple touches can … [Read more...]

Fun New Ways to Play Pool Tag

Try these fun games at our community pool this summer. ©

Our apartments in Placentia with a heated swimming pool make it enjoyable to exercise and have fun in the pool all year round. This year mix up your regular pool routine with your kids with one or more of the following pool games. Popsicle- Popsicle is a water freeze tag game. If you're tagged, you must stand with your hands straight above your head … [Read more...]

Tips for Moving Your Dogs to Our Union Place Apartments From Another State

If you're moving from out of state with your pup, here are some tips to make it go as smoothly as possible. ©

A cross-country move is always a bit of a challenge, but it can be even more daunting with dogs. Make your move to our pet-friendly apartments in Placentia as smooth as possible with these cross-country moving tips. Make sure that your pets are safe and secure. A mesh barrier can safely secure your pets in the backseat without removing any potential … [Read more...]

Keep Your Apartment Clean With a Lot Less Effort

apartment cleaning

Placentia CA apartments are easy to maintain if you know the right tricks. Here's how to keep your apartment clean with much less effort. … [Read more...]

Plan a Day Trip to Chino Hills State Park

Hiking, biking, camping, there's really no limit the ways you can enjoy a trip to Chino State Park. ©

Do you enjoy hiking, camping, and other outdoor recreation? State Parks near Placentia offer numerous opportunities to enjoy the beautiful scenery while spending time with family and friends. Chino Hills State Park will be the first destination on your list this summer. Spanning 14,102 acres, there is no other place in the LA Basin that offers so many trails … [Read more...]

Have Fun at the Blackout Flashlight Event at MUZEO Museum and Cultural Center

Blackout Flashlight Event at MUZEO Museum

The MUZEO Museum and Cultural Center is proud to bring back their popular Blackout Flashlight Event for 2015. The evening includes a pizza supper, animal themed craft activity, s'mores, and flashlight tour of Cougars and Grizzlies: Sharing Their Path. Cougars and Grizzlies is one of three traveling exhibits that MUZEO is hosting in 2015. Without their … [Read more...]

Keep Your Dog Safe When Grilling on Our Community Grills

Make sure to follow these safety tips if you're grilling with your dog around. ©

Like most dogs, yours probably goes crazy around the smell of cooking meat. In fact, dogs have a tendency to get a little to close to the cooking equipment. When you use our community grills at Union Place, you can keep your dog safe from the heat of the grill with the following tips: Avoid using charcoal briquettes- Charcoal briquettes can be very … [Read more...]

Bad Habits to Avoid When Starting Your Fitness Routine

apartments with fitness centers in Placentia

The span at the beginning of your new workout habit is one of the most important times when it comes to implementing a fitness routine. You can avoid the following mistakes at your Union Place apartment when you're starting out your fitness routine to get on the right track at our apartments with fitness centers: Doing the same exercises every time- … [Read more...]

Tips to Help Keep Your Apartment’s Pantry Efficient and Organized


Union Place residents can use these helpful tips to keep their apartment in Placentia with a pantry organized: Empty it out and clean it- This should be the first step in any pantry organizing regime. You can give things a thorough cleaning and throw away any unnecessary items to start out on the right foot. Keep careful track of inventory- … [Read more...]

Have a Full Fourth of July in Anaheim

4th of july in placentia

There's plenty going on in Anaheim this 4th of July that residents of Union Place can take advantage of to enjoy the holiday. Residents of our Union Place apartments can take part in the Anaheim Hills 4th of July Celebration this Independence Day if they're looking for something special to do. Events and activities that will take place as part of the 4th … [Read more...]