Connect With Your Dog by Understanding His Body Language

Your dog can send messages through body language. Make sure you know what their saying! Source: Pixabay

Understanding your dog's body language is a critical aspect of connecting with him. Learning the following non-verbal canine cues will help you better meet your dog's needs. Eyes- A dog's eyes convey a great amount of expression. Large eyes indicate fear or stress while a peaceful look indicates affection and comforting. Showing the whites of the eyes is … [Read more...]

Great Handmade Graduation Gift Ideas That Will Actually Get Used


The graduation season is upon us and now is a good time to start figuring out what presents you will be giving the graduates in your life. We would like to suggest a couple ideas for homemade gifts that are both practical and thoughtful. A planner is a thoughtful gift for any graduate as they begin the next stage of their life. Purchase a June 2015 – … [Read more...]

Tips for Decor in a Kid’s Room That Will Last for Years to Come

Source: Houzz

Decorating our two and three bedroom apartments in Placentia can be a challenge if you have kids, especially if you don't want to have to switch your furniture and decor every few years. These tips for your kid's room are a great place to start. Stick to a timeless color palette. When designing a room for a young child, choose furniture, bedspread, and … [Read more...]

Keep Your Apartment Clean With a Lot Less Effort

If you follow these tips, you won't have to put so much elbow grease in cleaning your apartment. ©

Placentia, CA apartments are easy to maintain if you know the right tricks. Here's how to keep your apartment clean with much less effort. Clear the clutter. Getting rid of unnecessary stuff is the first step to making your apartment easier to clean later on.  There will be fewer items to dust, it will always look cleaner, and you'll have an easier time … [Read more...]

Grill Up Some Sweet Treats on Our Community Grill

Make your next cookout oh so sweet with a tasty grilled dessert. ©

One of the great amenities included with living at Union Place is the use of our barbeque area. Nothing beats the great taste of freshly grilled meat or seafood that you have grilled yourself. However, did you know that you could grill many other types of food, including delicious sweet treats? Check out these grilling tips for fruits and desserts that … [Read more...]

Best Meals to Eat For Dinner Over the Summer

Summer's almost here, so try one of these awesome meals. ©

Summer is pretty much here, and that means cooking outside on our community grill. However, you’re not going to want to grill all those meals, and you may not be able to use your fall and winter recipes because of the heat. After all, who wants a big, hot meal in the summer when it’s 85-degrees at 10 pm? Use this guide to make sure you have something … [Read more...]

Staying Cool While Exercising This Summer

© LittleBee80

Exercise is essential if you want to stay healthy and look your best. However, when it starts to really warm up in the spring and summer, chances are you doing more than just breaking a little sweat. Hot weather requires serious consideration when it comes to exercise. Use this guide to help you plan your workout in the summer so you can get in shape without … [Read more...]

Make Your Style Stand Out in Your Bedroom

© Kwanchai_Khammuean

Your bedroom is personal space where you probably spend a good deal of your time. So why does it feel like your bedroom doesn’t have any real personality? You can blame the fact that you live in an apartment, but that really isn’t it. Don’t worry though – giving your apartment’s bedroom some personal style isn’t impossible. Use these tips to help … [Read more...]

Tips to Keep Your Apartment’s Houseplants Alive

© Olga_Anourina

Some people believe that you either have a green thumb or you don’t. The truth is that growing plants and keeping them alive, even if they’re hearty ones, requires knowledge, not just good luck. Even if you’ve never managed to keep a house plant alive before, it is within your reach. Use these tips to help you keep those plants around your apartment … [Read more...]

Go Big With Furnishings for the Illusion of More Space

apartment decorating

Smaller, more compact furnishings may be great for some bijou residence, but sometimes going choosing bigger furniture creates a more impressive impact. Check out these apartment decorating ideas: Choosing larger scale furnishings with a simple shape and appearance can give a sophisticated look to any room of the home, without giving the feeling … [Read more...]