Need to Shred Documents After Tax Season? Placentia Will Do It for Free

events in placentia ca

There are many events in Placentia, CA, that will assist you with tax documents. The upcoming shredding event will give you the chance to shred your after-tax documents for free. If you don't own a shredder, the staff will be sure to accommodate your needs. You will be able to shred your documents for free at this community event thanks to Shred-It. … [Read more...]

If Your Balcony is on the Shady Side, Try These Decorations

apartment decorating tips

Part of living in an apartment is making it your own. From the bathroom to the living room, styling up an apartment gives it a really homey, welcoming feel. One area, in particular, that is ideal to customize is the balcony. If your balcony is in the shade, you might try these apartment decorating ideas. Since your balcony will have ample amounts of … [Read more...]

Have Your Voice Heard in Placentia

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If you are living in Placentia, California, you have a chance to really make a difference in the community. Thanks to the Community Voice program, now your voice will be heard, affecting the way things are done. There are many topics you can talk about when you go online and participate in this program. An important aspect of any community is their … [Read more...]

Enjoy Breakfast at Alea Cafe


If you are in the Anaheim area, you have many restaurants to enjoy. Perhaps one of the most popular, in terms of breakfast, is Alea Café. What makes this cafe unique is the fact that they serve breakfast all day long. There are a lot of great breakfast plates offered, allowing you to eat great and save some money. Some of the plates include bacon, … [Read more...]

Try Delicious Mexican Food at Taqueria De Anda

Placentia CA restaurants

Taqueria De Anda always makes the top Placentia CA restaurants lists, and it's not hard to understand why. There are seven Taqueria locations total in the greater Southern California area, all of which boast authentic Mexican cuisine. Taqueria got its start as a catering truck in Fullerton, CA more than 30 years ago. They purchased their first … [Read more...]

Get Delicious Food at the Downtown Anaheim Farmer’s Market

Anaheim attractions

If you are looking for something to do in terms of Anaheim attractions, you can visit the downtown Anaheim Farmer's market. There, you will be able to find great-tasting foods that are fresh. Whether you are looking for vegetables or meat, this market will have it all and the foods will be reasonably priced. This market is where consumers can buy … [Read more...]

Enjoy a Relaxing Massage in Anaheim

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Experiencing pains in the back and neck is not an ideal experience. These pains and sores can really hinder your ability to move around a lot. In some cases, they prevent you from going to work. Thankfully, you can enjoy a relaxing massage by the apartments near Anaheim. There is a massage clinic, which has health and wellness professionals who will … [Read more...]

Wake Up to a Great Breakfast at Miraloma Cafe

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Our apartments near Anaheim are in the perfect location for you to indulge your senses at the Miraloma Cafe. This delightful spot provides you and your family with a wonderful selection of breakfast choices and a tantalizing menu of espresso, latte, and other specialty drinks to kick off your morning right. Located at the corner of Miraloma … [Read more...]

Try High Impact Work Outs in Our Fitness Center for Bone Strength

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With Union Place's fitness center, exercise in Placentia has never been easier. Recent studies at the University of Bristol confirm that high impact exercises make bones stronger. It may seem like jumping or distance running would be harmful, but subjecting bones to high stress levels can be beneficial. The key to exercises that improve bone strength … [Read more...]

Teens: Get Great Experience at the Summer Volunteen Program in Placentia

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Staying with us here at the Union Place apartments provides teens with the perfect opportunity to volunteer their time. The community service possibilities are increased during summer vacation giving teens a chance to meet new friends as well as develop new skills. Volunteering in Placentia enables teens to develop new relationships, learn new skills, and … [Read more...]