Getting Noise Complaints? How to Help Your Dog Stay Quiet After You Leave

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Everyone wants life in their apartment to be easy for your dog, but you might also want to make life easier on your surrounding neighbors. Limit noise complaints by limiting barking with these dog training tips. Bark on Command - Training your dog to bark on command will give you control. You will be able to turn the bark on or off by your own … [Read more...]

Spring Clean Your Union Place Kitchen With These Tips

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Having a spotless and organized home helps to eliminate stress, especially when it comes to your pantry and kitchen. Follow these quick an easy kitchen cleaning tips to get your kitchen cleaned in no time. Circle Your Way Around- Always start off cleaning the right side of the stove, as it is usually the dirtiest spot in the kitchen, then move … [Read more...]

Setting Up a Home Office in Your Apartment? Try Feng Shui for Max Productivity

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A benefit of renting one of our two and three bedroom apartments in Placentia is that you may want to convert an extra bedroom into a home office. You can make this area a more productive workspace by applying a few basic principles of Feng Shui. By incorporating the right flow and elements into your room design, you can maintain a positive … [Read more...]

Is Your Pantry Getting Cluttered? Tips for Getting it Under Control

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Nothing is more convenient that having a built-in pantry in your home. Keep it neat and organized with these smart tips. Remove everything from the entire pantry and toss things which are out of date. Donate anything that is unopened and still in good shape that you know you won't eat. Then wipe down all the shelves and sweep and scrub the … [Read more...]

Your Cat Will Tell You If You’re Doing Things Right

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As a cat owner you probably think you know your pet pretty well. But did you realize that certain things your cat does can actually give you insight as to how they are feeling and maybe even what they are thinking? Happy cats eat and drink throughout the day and use the litter pan on a regular basis. They should keep themselves well groomed … [Read more...]

How Mirrors Expand the Space and Light in Your Apartment

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Mirrors are making a comeback in the decorating world. They can be used as focal points, accent pieces or even as part of the background.  A well-chosen, beautifully framed mirror can enhance any room and serve a variety of purposes. A mirror in a bathroom or bedroom is generally a mirror with a purpose. It is there to enable people to look over … [Read more...]

Use This Detailed Guide to Throw the Best Oscar Party Ever

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When throwing an Oscar party, make sure to follow a simple and detailed guide that will deliver the most impact of fun for your guests. Include decorations, food, and entertainment to keep the party moving. Use a red runner or carpet by the entrance to make your guests feel as though they're stars too. Make a station where your guests get their pictures … [Read more...]

What is Mardi Gras About, Anyway?

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If you're looking for fun things to do in Placentia you could consider hosting a Mardi Gras bash in your apartment. Mardi Gras parties can be a fantastic way for a group of friends to enjoy a masked costume party and feast until the early hours. Although the Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans are famous for carnival parades and floats, scantily … [Read more...]

Serve a Restaurant-Worthy Meal in Your Apartment on Valentine’s Day

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February 14 is fast approaching and if you're still trying to come up with ways to impress your sweetheart, why not just entice with food? There's no better way to say you care than by spending time cooking up something savory in the kitchen for your other half. Here are a few dishes for the special day. Cheese Fondue. This dish is perfect for playing … [Read more...]

Unique Ways to Keep Kids’ Childhood Memories in Your Apartment

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One of the most creative ways of decorating your Placentia apartment is to display your kids crafts and other items. It is a creative way of making your kids' favorite things part of your decor. If your kids can't bear to part with their old T-shirts, they don't have to. Make a quilt out of the old shirts. It's not only colorful but is completely … [Read more...]